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MotoTally UHF RFID CheckStation

MotoTally UHF RFID CheckStation

This MotoTally CheckStation uses Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID technology and has a built in panel antenna. Typical transponder to antenna read range is from 5' to 30' depending on the transponder / antenna orientation and attenuation level selected. It can be used for almost all types of events and with several different transponder options. These CheckStations have an Ethernet communications interface, are powered via 'Power over Ethernet' (POE), and can be networked with the race computer and used at the finish line of hare scramble type events.

This is a UHF RFID reader that is compatible with MotoTally UHF transponders only. Transponders for this system come in a variety of formats, but the one recommended for most applications is a stick on "label" that comes on a roll. The transponders are VERY cost effective, especially compared to the legacy proprietary LF transponders ("credit card" and "cigar" style transponders). Aside from the low cost, the biggest benefit of this system is a more reliable read rate, especially with the newer fuel injected motorcycles and quads.

  • Hare Scramble
  • Cross Country
  • Gran Prix
  • Desert Scramble
  • Hare & Hound
  • Superior read rates, especially with quads and EFI motorcycles
  • Integrated antenna - no bulky external antenna to lug around
  • Simple Hook Up - Power and Comms in a single Cat5 Ethernet cable!
  • Simple Operation - Doesn't even have an on/off switch
  • LED Status Indicators - Reader active and transponder read
  • Low Power Consumption

MotoTally UHF RFID CheckStation
MotoTally UHF Scoring Lane RFID Reader (in waterproof case with ruggedized Ethernet jack)

MotoTally UHF RFID CheckStation Case
MotoTally UHF Scoring Lane RFID Reader (integrated patch antenna)

MotoTally UHF RFID CheckStation Cables
MotoTally UHF Scoring Lane RFID Reader Cabling (includes 35' outdoor rated Ethernet cable with ruggedized plug and a power injection module)

MotoTally UHF RFID Transponders
MotoTally UHF Transponders (very cost effective, placed on underneath side of rider's helmet visor)

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